Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vale Road closure reminder

Just a reminder that as of 18:30 tomorrow work will start at the top of Vale Road until 7:00 Monday. Interpreting the notice in the pretty leaflet this is closing off the top of Vale Road/bottom of Minster Road. That means not being able to get to the traffic lights via the first two lanes of Vale Road*, turning left out of Worcester Street, turning right from the Church, or going straight from Kidderminster. Access to Gilgal from Vale Road will be available over the weekend at which point the 5 week block goes into place.

As a result expect heavier traffic and delays along both Lombard Street and Lickhill Road as it attempts to exit to High Street.

*or possibly not it doesn't explicitly state that the straight run from Vale Road will be closed off though the diagram for Phase 1 does cover all three lanes whereas the Worcester Road  Phase 2 purposefully shows only one lane closed.