Monday, September 21, 2009

Renewing PS3 insurance

Just called up to renew my Gamecare insurance that would take care of my PS3 should I drop it, or pour liquid down it a year's cover for £25 I can live with. Anyway they told me to call back after it had come back from Sony in case it got replaced as the guarantee wouldn't cover a replaced console - lovely.

Anyway my main point was the covering company's name Allianz; the recording pronounced it, the guy I spoke to pronounced it the same way. Now me I read that name and tend towards Alliance with a fricative at the end; has good connotations as an alliance is a merging of efforts, it speaks of co-operation. The way it should be pronounced is apparently Alley-anz which puts me in mind of alley-oop which isn't the connotation I want.

Oh and as you may have parsed no I don't have my PS3 back yet, 21 days this coming Thursday.