Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Taking a break

Having some downtime at the moment and catching up on things that need doing. Had to go into Stourport early Sunday morning and yep of course someone blocking the left-hand lane of High Street just past the bus-stop next to, would you have thunk it, the cash machine. Oh yeah and of course the entire left-hand row of car-parking bays were completely and obviously clear, but that would have meant walking almost four car lengths to get to the machine!

Had to go into Kidderminster to switch a busted screwdriver set at Maplin. They don't open until 11am. The Range was open but the tills weren't until 10:30 hah - Sunday trading laws how such an anachronism survives is beyond me... oh okay I know they're a balance between the big and little stores, but it's still tiresome.

Anyway coming back through Stourport I almost missed the red light on the crossing in Bridge Street due to the van parked on the zig-zags on the other side of the road (angles mean the opposite lights are easier to see than those on my side). Guy sitting at the wheel smoking without a care in the world. Felt like winding down the window and telling him off, but refrained.

Batman turned up today, which is perfectly logical as today is when Sony are picking up my PS3 and it's all backed up and ready. I also can't do anything online with it as, hah, there's a system update and if I picked it up I'd just have to do another back-up which takes about an hour and a half.

Anyway no sign of Sony so I'll give them a bell and find out why I've spent all bloody day in waiting for them.