Friday, November 27, 2009

White Lines

Having once again found myself mouthing "F*** me" and shifting the car to the left as I drive past the restaurant on Sandy Lane to avoid the oncoming vehicles in my lane I was prompted to give a call to the Worcestershire Hub.
First off don't do a search for Worcestershire Hub, this will take you to the useless page. If you actually want to do something you need the page.

Anyway the young lady was helpful as I explained that a white lane dividing line needed to repainted down this stretch of road; that it had worn away from the junction with Barracks Road up to the first corner i.e. exactly at the points you need a lane divider, and that due to its lack people were using the STW's refilled trench as the left-hand edge which put them about a foot to the right of where they should be.

I also mentioned I was pleased when they'd repainted the junction marking at Barracks Road, and it was a shame they hadn't continued. Being honest the young lady replied that they quote for a job and that's all they can do. That I already knew and once again demonstrates the benefits of 'efficiency' that someone can spot a problem, have the solution to hand, but can't do anything because it's outside their remit.

So we'll see what happens. If action is taken I think I'll mention the lack of lane division in York Street and see what gets shaken loose.