Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dragon Age: Origins for the UK

So Bioware's latest venture has been released , oh wait amend that - the PC and Xbox360 versions have been released, just not the PS3 version. Oh wait sorry done it again that should be - just not the PS3 version in Europe as it's available elsewhere.

Yup for some reason the PS3 population of Europe have to wait until the 20th until we can join in the fun.

At least we get some decent choices as to versions, oops - at least everyone outside the UK gets some decent choices as to versions. Buy the normal version in, say, France and various retailers are offering extras such as Wolf Charms, Memory Bands, etc. The UK ordinary version comes with... nowt.

Oh but wait there's the Collectors edition - the tin box, the cloth map, the extra DVD and some nice in-game extras minus the tin box and cloth map if you're in the EU.

Ah the global market in action.