Friday, November 13, 2009

Parking once again in Stourport

Coming through town this morning and we get a van in Bridge Street loading/unloading so that's fine, followed by a Land Rover type parked in the bays, well not quite. The bays were empty, the driver in the car and yet still they managed to stop half in a bay and half over the zig-zag white lines of the crossing next to it.

Into High Street and a head from someone halfway across the left-hand lane peers around at the crossing trying to see past a delivery van parked up directly next to the crossing. I've been seeing this van parked in this position pretty often over the past few months, perhaps a passing pedestrian could inform them that zig-zag lines also prohibit loading and unloading.

Of course all these things seem to happen before 9am and after 5pm and has anyone seen a traffic warden at these times in Stourport?