Friday, November 27, 2009

Co-op car park incident

An article in the Shuttle bears closer inspection as to the attitude of some of the 'young'.

To sum up the 23-year old got miffed that the 60-year old didn't let him out of the drop-off point after he'd parked there. He is then alleged to have followed her around the car-park bumping into her car, then threatening her, then almost running her over.

What caught my eye were the quotes used from the 23-year old.

"taking the mickey" by driving slowly round the car park
Um point one you drive slowly around a car-park when you're looking for a space, and point two you did see the big speed limit sign when you came in giving a maximum speed of (off the top of my head) 10mph [Checking this the limit is 5mph]. But of course this is the same "taking the mickey"  when you dare to travel at 30mph in a 30mph zone, some people just don't get it do they? Best thing to do is sit on their tails and intimidate them right?
He stopped to "have a go" at her but denied making threats
I made this point regarding the apparently nonchalant security guard at Kidderminster Tesco when some youths hanging about the car-park made a comment about mugging someone. This is assault, doesn't matter if you're actively threatening them "An assault is committed when a person intentionally or recklessly causes another to apprehend the immediate infliction of unlawful force" I'd hope to think that means a 23-year old 'having a go' at a 60-year old.

Well 180 hours unpaid work and a 2-year disqualification might give him time to think about his actions.


Orphi said...

It this point I typically hang my head in shame at the level to which the human race has sunk. But then I have to remind myself, this is one person. There are many, many others, and they're not in the newspaper because they don't behave like arseholes.