Friday, November 27, 2009

Amazon's emails and sale

Recently the content of Amazon's newsletters have become quite minimalist.

I opt for the plain text version over html and in the main body of the message all I've been getting is the legal blurb about how this was sent to me, how to unsubscribe etc. without any of the actual message promised by the subject.

The latest was regarding "Up to 60% off PlayStation 3 Games in our 12 Days of Christmas Sale at" just the legal blurb no links to go to. So bearing in mind the weaselly "up to" I had a saunter over to Amazon's site.

They have 28 Playstation 3 'items' in the offer comprising of 3 Accessories and 15 games. Yeah add that up some of the items aren't games, but they aren't accessories either; so what are they? Well as narrowing the search to Games lops off such items as "Brutal Legend", I'm guessing they don't know.

Anyway rounding up "Borderlands" is down from £45 to £24 so £1 cheaper than the last time I saw it in Asda, but "Brutal Legend" is down from £50 to £26 so £1 more. "Red Faction: Guerrilla" is down from £50 to £17 so a price I'd go for if I wanted it. Likewise "Half Blood Prince" if it were multiplayer for the Bratii.

So prices do drop, so it's worth waiting on occasion.