Thursday, October 07, 2010

The FlipC diet

Not too long ago after a nasty bout of something my weight and waist size jumped upwards. As for years my svelte figure has provoked many a comment of "Don't worry you'll soon get a gut just like me" from jealous relatives I thought age had finally kicked in. However previous to my upset I'd altered my diet slightly to be more healthy. I'd cut out sugar, ate fruit etc now for various reasons I've slowly switched back to something akin to my previous eating habits and the result - in one month I've lost the stone and two inches around my waist that had been added and I've been steady at that level for the last two.

Want to know what I did? Just click on my Paypal link and send.... heh nah I'm too nice for that. So here's my diet.

Don't eat in the hour after you wake up. Drinking's fine; I don't think I'd last without a coffee.
Don't eat in the hour before you go to bed. Again drinking is fine, but no carbonated beverages.
Don't eat or drink any fermentable item in the evening - no fruit, no juice; nothing like that.

Other than that I eat what I want as I choose. I still eat sweets, crisps, and the odd tipple when I need it (like last night bloody outlook). I'm sleeping better, feeling less bloated, and as mentioned maintaining a steady weight and waist size.

Would this work for everyone - I doubt it; but it's simple enough to give it a go for any who want to.


Dan H said...

Sound advice, particularly not eating before you go to bed. I've one tip to add to that, which might be a bit extreme for you but is common knowledge for fitness nerds. Any carbs you eat within about 20 min after muscle-damaging exercise (that is, the kind that make you ache the next day) goes straight back into your muscles.

People who are really training go for these milkshake things and gels, which aim to get as much carbohydrate in as possible in that short window - so they can do a lot of exercise and get the maximum benefit from it. But even for everyday carby foods, it's good to combine it with some exercise. If you always (say) eat bread or a potato for lunch, it will sit better on your figure if you take a short jog or stack some shelves beforehand. Thinking about it from the other side, if you feel like going out (say) on a bike ride, cook some pasta so you can have it cold as soon as you get back. This way, you'll avoid stiff muscles the next morning, you'll make sure the food goes onto your biceps rather than your belly, and you'll get stronger too.

FlipC said...

Thanks Dan that's definitely something to bear in mind and something I didn't know.