Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The cause of the telephone outage

I did pop an email over to Clive at the Shuttle mentioning the outage yesterday as a possible story. It seems that BT are much more willing to keep the press informed as to what was going on than they do anyone else, though perhaps not to a degree of accuracy.

I called them up at roughly 3pm (the lines being out from around 2pm not 4pm) after ascertaining that it wasn't just our building and that it seemed to affect a much wider area.

I told them it wasn't just affecting us and that they may have a problem with the exchange yet their response - we can see no faults on the system, perhaps it's a fault at your end.

The actual cause - "technical problems in several exchanges".


Harriers9 said...

I also contacted BT after my supplier, First Telecom, could not connect to the exchange to check any fault on the line.

I tried to contact the BT 'report a fault' number. After waiting 20 minutes on my mobile I eventually reached an operative.

"What's your number?" I told him. "You're not a BT customer", he said. I said I know that and I have reported the fault to my supplier and they told they were not able to trace the fault because the exchange did not respond.

I asked him if there was a fault with our exchange and he said "how would I know, I'm sales".

I told him I had rung the fault line and he said that when they were busy then calls were routed to sales and other departments.

I asked him again if he could find out if there was a problem and he checked the BT website. "No, no fault here", he said "you're not a customer anyway" and rung off.

Now remind me why I left BT and went to a decent, friendly, helpful teleco?

FlipC said...

So it seems they're only happy to provide information to their own customers despite still running the exchanges everyone uses.