Monday, October 18, 2010

Fly-tipping 2

Oh dear has Chloe outgrown her bed? Good job you dumped in down here then in your nice white van last Friday around half seven at night.


Steve Severn said...

We have a Chloe, but its not us, honest! Why don't you send both posts to the Shuttle letter page as well?

FlipC said...

[suspicious look] Are you sure? :-P

As for the Shuttle because I don't want our windows smashed in [sigh]

But this is what happens when you start discriminating at the tip - DaBoss tried to offload some household waste and was turned away because there was too much and thus classed as "commercial". No can do unless he paid up.

Oh he could get a special permit though, might take up to two weeks.

Seriously is the cost of having to clear up all this crap less than just letting anyone into the damn tip at any time?