Friday, October 15, 2010


Hello there how are you? Me? Oh I'm fine I've just been working up a sweat over the last hour moving your fly-tipped crap from outside one of our properties to the empty skip less than 50 yards away.

How's your daughter Chloe? Or is at a granddaughter or niece? I'm sure she wasn't happy to lose that nice pink chair with her name on it, or that pink watch, or that pull along buggy that made such a charming noise as I dropped it into our skip.

Oh well never mind I'm sure she enjoyed the potatoes, but obviously couldn't eat them all what with you having to leave half a bag behind. Perhaps she didn't want a full stomach - did she help in pulling out that gate, trellis and fence posts? I hope you gave her some sturdy gloves what with all those rusty nails sticking out at odd angles - ouchy :-)

Never mind eh I'm sure she loved ripping up all that rough felt - mmm sandpapery; what little girl wouldn't love that?

Well I just thought I'd let you know it's all clear now so if you want to come back to add some more please do - it's always a delight to see your happy smiling face on the CCTV cameras we have set-up around the place; well the police at least seemed happy to watch it.