Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dead lines

Here's an odd one - I just got back from lunch and the buildings telephone lines were dead. All the internal systems worked, just no outside dial tone. However here's the weird thing I plugged a test phone into the broadband line - no tone, yet the broadband is still working. I check over the road - they have a dial tone.

I return, we now have a dial tone. Oh good. Until I realise we can't make any calls out. Over the road can, we can't. On any of the three lines. Oh and anyone calling here seems to get "network busy".

[Update - Nope over the road can't call out, and trying to call local numbers from my mobile just bombs out. So it looks like the local exchange is out]

[Contacted someone on the other side of the river by mobile, their phone is out too.]


Unknown said...

Weird. No phone network but still full net. I discovered it at 4ish and was about to phone the provider. A customer came in to where I was ansd said whole of stourport is out. They were a little rattled and offered that it must be something big and when we find it, we'll know how long it will take to fix. On the ball then....

FlipC said...

Contacted BT around 3pm and they said "We can't see a fault" my father phoned at the same time and was told that they were working to fix it. I guess that's the difference when you're not a BT customer.

Anyhow it seems to be working now.