Monday, October 11, 2010

PS3 Insurance

So hopefully the penultimate update - Total Console Repair declared my PS3 totally phut on Tuesday 5th; or at least declared such to my insurers Allianz. No-one seemed interested in telling me.

I gave them until today to say something and then contacted them. Apparently they've notified Game (where I originally bought my console) and I'll be getting a gift card for the full amount from their head office as I'd already passed on my receipt details to them (heck they didn't even ask for a fax copy of it) . Now if they have them in stock the PS3-320Gb with Move is less than £300 - I paid more than £300 for my PS3 :-)

Better yet with my 320Gb hard drive back I might be able to buy the cheaper 160Gb and just switch disks and spend the money towards something else; such as Fallout: Las Vegas or Force Unleashed II or even this Move thing as part of a bundle ;-)

Ya know I hope they're still doing the extended warranty; £50 layout for a £300+ return ain't shabby.