Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Beyond economical repair

Checking in on the status of my PS3 I nearly had a heart-attack to see it no longer appeared. One call later and I'm told that it was declared unrepairable yesterday and that they'd informed my insurers.

"So you're sending it back then?"
"No, we don't send it back"
"But what about my hard drive"
"Well if you put into another PS3 it'll just re-format"
"Yes I know, but it's my hard drive a 320Gb"
"Oh a 320Gb, I didn't realise. I'll call down to let them know. Oh to send it back will cost £7 in carriage"

Excuse me - I send you my console, you can't fix it, and you want to charge me for sending it or part of it back.

[Update - Their reply was that they asked for the PS3 as bought i.e. with the original 60Gb hard-drive; except technically that means you're not sending them the broken console. Oh and it seems I won't get back either the AV lead or the controller; glad I gave them the old one now.]


walkerno5 said...

So does that mean you lose all your data as well? Is there any facility to back up hard drives on PS3s?

FlipC said...

The answer to that lies somewhere between yes and no.

It's possible to back up using the PS3, but it's not selective. So it's the equivalent of backing up your entire computer every time you make a change.

Now you can selectively back-up your save files to an external drive. Except the protected ones that can only be backed-up as part of a full backup.

Except said protected files won't restore to another system.

Of course you could just put your old HD into a new PS3; at which point it will be reformatted.

Or you can transfer the data using a network cable, except that requires the old one to be functioning; in which case why are you buying another?

So I have an old full backup which will restore my settings etc. and a separate store for my save games. So I'm guessing I'll recover 90-95%.