Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Outlook 2007 message store full

DaBoss brings his laptop in with a problem. He can't receive any mail as his message store is full. Now I know that prior to OL2007 there was a limit of 2Gb, but that was supposedly removed in the latest version.

I check the message store and it hits me. He updated from OL2000 and in its infinite wisdom it kept the same format for the file.

Oh well it should be easy to turn one into the other right? Wrong. The only way to sort this is to create another store and then import the old store into it. Well fine and done; except we're using MobileMe so now with a new store it thinks that everything in both the calendar and contacts are new so it's wiping out all the 'duplicates' and replacing them.

As MobileMe isn't dependant on the status of Outlook that means it's trying to do this while I'm trying to sort everything out. In the end I switch off the wireless just so I can get on with the job.

As an aside I remove Outlook Connector as it's no longer required. It removes itself and then Outlook throws a fit because it's trying to connect to an account that no longer has a store; so I have to remove the account manually.


Oh and while I'm at it I'm sorting out the pathetic AutoArchive system that deals with things by just dumping them into one big store currently sitting at over 3Gb. Come on why can't it archive by year or something?