Monday, October 11, 2010

Chewie's first birthday

The Artist's youngest daughter's birthday meant a family celebration. They arrived first and I took Devil Child out in a vain hope to tire her out a little before food. Out into the wood, where we had to be quiet because of the witch, apparently. This was soon forgotten as she picked the path to take, or to be precise asked me which path we should take before declaring our direction. A little overgrown in parts which meant lifting her up to my shoulder and then having to duck as well; she enjoyed that. Me I'm getting too old and creaky :-P

Over to the playground and I warned her about the steep slope on the approach; she informed me she required no assistance. That is until she tried the first step and got stuck, so I swooped in and carried her down. On a side note it was a good job she'd been to the toilet earlier as there are no toilets around here at all. I mean seriously this is a playground for kids and no facilities anywhere. I suppose you're supposed to live at one of the nearby houses; but even a five minute walk might be too much for some.

She enjoyed the playground, and wasn't too pleased when we had to leave. Did I tire her out - she ran back once she got her bearings so you tell me.

Dinner and DC demonstrated her ability to count to 30; still rote (which at just over 5 is fine) as she couldn't logically work out what came after 30 even after assistance; and when asked what number came after 5 had to work her way through to that point. Then again 5 toes and 5 toes make 10 toes, so that was good.

So knowing how to count it was time for a game of Connect 4. Except she didn't want to play the game she just wanted to make patterns. However not just her - "I'll put a yellow one here and you put a red one there" she ordered. I went along, but occasionally disobeyed.
"No you should have put it there"
"'Because' isn't an answer"
May seem petty or mean, but whenever she plays a game in this instance she's surrounded by adults who indulge her the rules she sets. I try to show that's not always going to be the case; while I may at times 'accidentally' fail to stop one of the kids from winning; if they miss the opportunity to do so I won't repeat it and I will at times simply declare that I'm not playing any more if they get to bossy.

The same happens when I was talking to her father, she would keep interrupting and I would simply ignore her and carry on. When she persisted her father would take the lead and tell her we were talking; she'd still keep at it; so I would repeat that, then her father would until Little Miss Stompy would stomp off. In this case to tell her grandfather I was being mean to her and needed a smack. Which he would pretend to administer (as I say indulging).

Yes I've dominated this with DC despite it being Chewie's birthday, but she stuck with her mother with only the occasional mad-dash crawl. She's now able to stand up with support, which means all previously safe items are now within reach - sigh :-)

She also recognises the word "No!" as she was playing with a castor support, which was fine, until she went to stick it into her mouth "No!" I said and she stopped instantly to look at me, before deciding to continue. The delay meant her mother was able to remove it which of course provoked crying until her dummy was found.

I've also managed to take a photo of her in wide-mouthed wonder as she stared at the candle on her cake and quickly cropped and printed it off for The Artist to take back with them.

Joy of joys I've got the other two this Sunday (I plan to take them to the other wood weather permitting); then babysitting them at the beginning of next month; then the entire tribe are out to dinner the middle of next month so I'll be essentially entertaining three of them. Someone please just put me out of my misery now :-P