Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Traffic light joy

Ah what joy 15 minutes to get through Worcester Road, should be easier what with the three-way traffic lights at the Wilden Road junction trickling 'right-of-way' traffic at us. Ah but I forgot about the fact the sun is shining. No I'm not being sarcastic, the droves have descended on the Stourport Riverside and they're showing their usual disdain for such quaint concepts as roads.

You wish to cross here madam, by all means thread your way through the one lane of queuing traffic and thrust your pushchair out into the moving stream that is the other lane until someone stops for you.

Park here sir, of course do make sure you block up the entire lane next to the Black Star and prevent anybody from clearing the bridge, don't worry nobody around to move you on take as long as you like.

Add in a pedestrian crossing going off every minute (for those who have the patience to use it) and joy is to be had by all.

Thoughts of piss-ups and breweries come to mind.

On another delightful note, Sandy Lane on the industrial estate has had one lane closed for the majority of its length. Fun when you consider the staggered junction halfway along it that has zero ability to tell which light is red and which green. Not that it matters what with the traffic lights not actually working anyway.

Temporary fault? Well the lights were originally past the junction and migrated up last night so the lack of warning about a uncontrolled junction is vaguely forgiveable and they were working at the time. This morning still no warnings and the lights weren't working, This afternoon, still no warnings and still not working.

I aimed at Wyre Forest District Council, over-the-road went for Severn Trent Water. I got a promise of a Highways Agency look-see and the fact it sounded like a "farce", she got a promise that someone would go and sort it out. We'll wait and see.

To quote over-the-road "I'm surprised no-one else has rung up"... and that's why the world needs people like us ;-)


Don B said...

I reported on Monday on Mad Ranter of the total traffic chaos affecting the River Bridge, Bridge Street, York Street, High Street and I suspect Mitton Street outside the Black Star. Do you think the traffic will be any better with effect from 6.00am on Monday when the Bridge over the River Severn reopens from the current single lane to two lanes again?

When does Severn-Trent start digging up Bridge Street? Do you think they will wait until after the Carnival? I see that the politicians want to have their grand bun-feast reopening for the refurbished bridge in November. I suppose they could then close the road for the ribbon-cutting ceremony and have the travelcade of the Mayoral and Chairman's cars (of WFDC, Stourport Town Council and Worcestershire County Council) and because of the six months Severn-Trent work no one will notice that they have been stationary for any longer than normal. Oh! Perhaps we could combine it with the formal opening of the skate-park!

Do we still have Traffic Wardens?

FlipC said...

And apparently this was for much the same reason that is a vehicle outside the Black Star, indeed oh traffic warden where art thou.

As for back to two lanes, it should help assuming that is the work actually finishes on Monday and they don't just leave all the road closed and diversion signs until Tuesday when the crew finally comes around to pick them up.

According to the Schedule of Works Severn Trent are due "07/08" whether that's July/August or July 08 or some time in 2007 and/or 2008; your guess is as good as mine. Nice to see a good consistent layout being used in these things though at least this time they only had three different forms of "Stourport" listed.

We could have a mass celebration, Carnival, bridge and skate-park opening; or would that blow the budget as it'd be classed as one event? Would be easy if the skate-park was on the field next to the carnival show...

All this fun and Nigel was complaining about the Horsefair. Ah well out to brave the hordes I go :-)

FlipC said...

That should have been Bridge Inn not Black Star, I blame residual effects of the queue induced coma.

Vehicles outside the Bridge or Crown normally result in an indrawn breath, outside the Black Star a "Woah" as you turn the corner and find yourself facing the back of a lorry. Vehicles outside the Hollybush leaves the air blue, when as you turn the corner you realise you're about to drive into the back of the lorry and can't change lanes because you can't see what's coming from around the corner.

Hey I've a great idea let's have a housing estate and a supermarket use this corner as they're main exit point!