Friday, August 31, 2007

Stourport Carnival

So Stourport Carnival tomorrow, barring the unforeseen I'll be there snapping away. My aim is to try and get everyone present in at least one photograph clearly; so for those participating they'll be at least one record if they want it (and can find it). Hopefully a gig and half of storage space will suffice, along with three sets of batteries. I'm debating whether I'll need more storage there's a definitely lack of supplies in Stourport I'm hoping WH Smith or Woolworths will meet any emergency needs.

Last week's Shuttle had a preview and a full page spread showing the route and detailing the events taking place on the field, I don't recall any mention of the actual date other then "Saturday" so anybody new in town that showed up on the 26th will hopefully now know when it is.

A better and more recent article from the Shuttle asks that money not be thrown onto the floats, no doubt that old bugbear Health and Safety raising it's head. It's also worth noting the throwaway line regarding the Riverside Meadow that "Entry is free over both days" well done.

In the same article I note a sarcy comment about the bunting... oh wait that'll be my sarcy comment. Everyone bring their hands together and applaud Worcestershire County Council for granting a scaffolding licence for the old Jobcentre situated at the crossroads of the main processional route, thus narrowing down the only decent bit of pavement there is to stand on and providing an exciting new obstruction for people.

Signs have been up on the main roads detailing their closure from 12:00-15:00, although making the dates and times a little larger would have been my preference. Seriously you're trying to inform to car drivers who are heading towards these at 30-odd mph so why choose letter sizes that are better suited towards pedestrians? 'Saturday 1st September ROAD CLOSING 12:00-15:00 due to Carnival' how difficult is that, they managed something like it for the actual road works that have been going on.

Anyway I'll definitely get to the illuminated river parade and the fireworks which I missed last year, so more fun with night photography.

Update? A skip lorry on the York Street corner of High Street looking like it wanted to do a drop-off; hmm no Skip licence though. Heh the Excel spreadsheet is fun though.


Rob Allen said...

As entertainments manager of Stourport Carnival I'd like to thank everyone who attended this years carnival making it the most successful in recent years. The attendance was up, the money raised is up (although we're still counting.) My rant is that I'm puzzled as to why teenagers decide to drink on the carnival field when they can get arrested for it and why every carnival weekend the sniff of a barmaids apron sends them into a dillusional state where they think they're all mike tyson and they want to take on the world!! Apart from that myself and the rest of the society are happy with how things went. If anyone has any comments you can visit the carnival website and tell us what you think,

FlipC said...

I've just posted a quick report, keep an eye out for the photos. I must admit to not seeing that much drinking on the field, just outside the pubs on the route; litter was more my beef.

Thanks for the link to the site, I would like to mention none of the Microsoft own vector stuff is visible in Firefox or Opera. So I just see your name the last update and "It's Carnival Day!!..." with a lot of blank space. Yeah I know everyone uses IE blah blah; nevertheless having the links in plain form would help not just for the non-IE users, but also for those navigating using other methods.