Monday, August 06, 2007

So that's what they're up to on the bridge

So there we have it folks; two way traffic by Friday. So all the (so called) intelligent lights have been taken away and we've got the basic pattern.

"I've just spoken to the site contractors and they've suggested modifying the timings of the signals."
What a good idea, will they be monitoring them throughout the day or will they be weighted towards the Areley side in the evening when all the traffic is coming through the town?

Update: 14:10 Yep two shiny strips on the incoming side at 1pm became two dull strips at 2pm. I note with amusement that the lights have been placed damn close to where their intelligent brothers used to sit.

As per the article and the Worcestershire site it was known that two-way traffic wouldn't resume until the 10th. Now it was deemed necessary to have the intelligent lights on the bridge before the surfacing, so what makes this week different to all the previous ones? Who took the lights away and why?

Silly me they're temporary lights not semi-fixed ones, so they'll go up then come down at some point relatively quickly... then go back up again. Setting up the intelligent ones would entail skilled operators and take too much time.

So my guess, looking at the time, is that they'll take down the lights for the evening and open the bridge to two-way traffic, then repeat the work tomorrow for the other side. That's if they can allow traffic over their nice new work and if they've got any sense.