Friday, August 31, 2007

Ponderings and annoyances

A car turns into a junction then pulls up on the side of the road blocking the lane, a guy gets out and opens the bonnet and peers inside; hey it happens and it's not as if we can predict when and where. But what if I told you that just in front of this car was an empty lay-by?

A car with a re-jigged numberplate with the letters and numbers squashed to make a word. I can guess what it was supposed to be, but my first pass was JERK.

A perfectly formed child-sized bare footprint in the dust of the rear-windscreen of a 4x4 hatchback?

Two older couples trying to cross the road outside the factory shop and looking aggrieved when not once, but twice the traffic out of town was halted and a car stopped directly across where they wanted to cross thus blocking their way. Did I mention that they were trying to cross between two parked cars? Did I mention that one of the vehicles was a van on the flow side? Did I mention that at both times the other lane had continuously free-flowing traffic? Finally did I mention the pedestrian crossing situated just to the other side of the aforementioned van?

The name of Nissan's new car which I keep wanting to call a QashQow.

Oil of Olay's endorsement by a "Celebrity Beauty Editor". What is a celebrity beauty editor; a beauty editor that's a celebrity or a editor of celebrity beauty? Most likely the latter, but what a narrow field and besides what's the difference between celebrity beauty and non-celebrity beauty? I'm guessing the money, but what picture does that paint for the advert - 'Hi celebrities can afford much more expensive things then you the unwashed masses, but they still use this product; and it's nothing to do with the fact they get a truck-load delivered free just so we can say they use it'

The Kellogg's short infomercial this morning featuring Philippa Forrester promoting the properties of eating breakfast that avoided any mention of the company, ignoring the splash at the end or the carefully placed cereals on the counter she walks past. This is then followed by a Kellogg's Corn Flakes advert, a Kellogg's Special K Sustain advert, a Kellogg's Coco Pops Creations advert, a Kellogg's Special K advert, then finally a Kellogg's Frosties advert - subtle.

Interviews with some of the actors in Heroes on various channels, 08:30, 08:45, 10:00... hey - work! Some of us can't hang around all morning. Anyone suggesting recording these should realise that these times are approximate and I'm not going to record an hour of each channel in order to catch what will probably be a five-minute interview half of which will be taken up with clips from the show. it's simply not worth the hassle.

Additional - The substitution of the word small for young "When I was small I wanted to be a fireman", "Oh was there a height requirement?"

As an aside to Mike I wrote these down while I was still thinking about them, then lost the piece of paper. So that might be worth bearing in mind when you work out your system ;-)