Monday, August 20, 2007

Returning to my favourite game.

A slight delay while I shifted 200-odd bricks up the drive meant I was just in time to get behind the cherry-picker when it parked on the bridge leading into town. Not much of a problem as the queue from the crossing lights was starting to reach it. I managed to overtake and squeeze in, the car behind had to stay put. Lights changed and we moved forward about four car-lengths, two cars edging round before the previously held-up traffic charged through. Then the lights changed again and we shunted another couple of lengths. Green - another few lengths, red. Green, shuffle, red. Green and I managed to get past. It's that wonderful combination of 'Well we want people to use it so it must be reactive to them' and 'We need to keep it on red for a longer period of time to give everyone time to get across' that results in the green, red, shuffle in town whenever two or more are gathered. Seriously I've seen people come out of the Factory Shop (just offset from the lights) when the beeps stop, and manage to walk across the road before it even switches to amber.

On the good news front it looks like the hole in front of Sandy Lane has been filled in, the traffic lights and furniture are still there though of course.