Friday, August 10, 2007

Must protect - nothing

And so I joined the unmoving queue of traffic in Worcester Road thought "Sod this" and turned around. Down the A449 to Ombersley where I turned off... and joined the queue. This one at least was moving, but what could be the cause? As I got to the Holt Fleet bridge a set of traffic lights hove into view. A set of dumb traffic lights on what appeared to be a simple timer. When I finally got to them I could see what they were cordoning off - nothing. I could see no signs of roadworks of any description (admittedly I was concentrating on where I was going) certainly nothing overt that would require this section to be barricaded off. But it was causing a mile-long tailback through to Ombersley and a queue on the other side of oo at least three cars.

I do wonder what caused the hold-up on Worcester Road, normally it would be something in the town trailing down York Street, Lion Hill, Mitton Street before impacting on the island. I don't know I would guess at yet another delivery at Ye Olde Crown Inn; certainly on Wednesday night the delivery van was parked in front of it with half of itself blocking the route out of town forcing traffic into the other lane I see no reason to suspect that it wouldn't happen again. Glad I filled up the car at lunch time though.


Don B said...

I think starting on the 17th Wilden Lane will be closed for two weeks. I write "I think" because when I passed the end of the road a couple of days ago the sign has mysteriously disappeared.

Could be queues both directions at the Worcester Road roundabout!

FlipC said...

I'd heard this rumour too. I would look at the weekly schedule, but it only goes up to the 12th. For future reference

I did a drive-by on Saturday and didn't see any signs so I guess the closure's off.

Don B said...

Thanks for the "future reference" link. The road closure in on for the 17th and the sign has been nicked.

FlipC said...

Ah yes they've just updated it, closed until the 3rd lovely. Stolen sign... well I suppose it does have some scrap value.