Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hello Autumn?

Tupperware sky, light drizzle and the smell of burning organic products (my neighbour having a bonfire, wood with some leaves by the smell). This is my weather and I love it; in fact if it wasn't for the sexual connotation I'd say it turned me on - all dials to 11, all switches flipped, turbines to power.

Tim and Brian were sharing thoughts on Moon/night photography over on p.o.t. and some of it must have stuck enough for me to notice the bright shiny sphere in the sky. So no tripod and no remote shutter and trying to take long exposures - heh.

More fun in that I only had one clear vantage point; down on the ground and I've got a street-light in shot, go to the room with some space for me to work and I've got tree. So only one option for me and laughingly only one angle to use crammed into a corner.

One makeshift tripod to raise the camera, otherwise known as a stack of books, and a folded magazine to create the angle. Damn window wouldn't open wide enough to clear the shot so the first few I had to take through it resulting in a reflection. Well at least one came out okay I think.

Doing this I discover the need for a remote shutter, press the button and you move the camera. On a makeshift system that resulted in the camera occasionally sliding off the magazine, which isn't good; at the least the camera would shake slightly resulting in blurs for a long exposure. Ah a solution presented itself - the self-timer. Set to two seconds I could press the button, it would settle back into position then open the shutter. By this time the Moon had started to move behind the trees and I realised that I could now have the window open so a few more shots.

Not as good a camera as either Tim's or Brian's, but I don't think they're that bad.