Thursday, October 06, 2011


Okay so I said they had a sign up in Mitton Street stating right hand lane closed and it was the left-hand lane in Severn Road - I was wrong. The lights are on the left, but the actual roadworks are on the right. However all that pales into insignificance because they've now closed off the left-hand lane of Mitton Street in order to demolish the CoW brick wall. There are plenty of signs up though perhaps someone could explain why there need to be ones in the left-hand lane of Gilgal given that this traffic won't be going near them?

Anyway continuance is that the path widening/road narrowing will NOT be happening. However this poses its own interesting question as one of the justifications of Tesco building on this site was due to the link to the town. Now while I'm unsure how dependent this was it's difficult to state that the current connection between the town and the site that was used as a measure of the distance is in any way viable.

So with no route from the town this is going to be mainly car traffic with little to no connect between the two which is pretty much what everyone's been saying. Wow big surprise there.