Monday, October 24, 2011

Tesco shuffle

Having asked about the Tesco covenant I have been informed that Tesco were restricted to only food stuffs and convenience items however this seems to have been ditched in return for the extra 500 square metres of retail space they 'acquired' in planning in 2009.

So it appears they're not only getting extra space, but are also no longer restricted as to what could be sold in it.


Tav said...

Looking through my archives, I suggested that the public call this Tesco development 'Tesco Super Food Store' rather than supermarket in anticipation of this very occurrence.

FlipC said...

It's just so annoying that those of who who consider this will kill the town trade were told that they'd still be niches available due to restrictions and now - nope they can sell what they like.

Almost completely removed any ammunition to prevent them doing what they like. Let's see what happens when they start building (apparently the road work has to be completed first) to see how well they abide by the plans they submitted, how much will become retail space as opposed to what they said was going to be retail space and how many retrospective planning permissions they'll submit.

Given the fuss over this should they do so it will be interesting to see how quickly they get passed or not.