Monday, October 03, 2011

Playstation Gamer cards

I've given up on the official Playstation Network Personal Trophy cards on the grounds that they never seem to update themselves except when I manually tell them to and that I can't manually update them from the PS3 browser.

PSNProfile's cards, on the other hand, appear to update themselves and amusingly (or not) provide the extra kind of information that would naturally be collated and available to Sony should they bother to get their thumb out of their arses and use it.

As such I now know my standings as compared with every other PSNProfile sign-up; the milestones (my first Platinum, my 500th trophy etc.) and, for me, most interestingly the rarest trophies I've managed to acquire.

Sure it's not perfect; it tells me I'm currently ranked number 7,579th but neglects to mention out of how many (7,580? No it's 54, 077). It tells me my three rarest trophies, but doesn't allow me to see all my trophies in rarity order. Likewise I can't see my trophies in order of achievement. It also tells me my l337 (Elite) trophy without explaining exactly what makes it so.

Nevertheless it's still miles better than the official version.