Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dead Island Tips - Part 5 The Monster List

It's not all traipsing about the island helping people out and practising skills there are monsters to fight and it always helps to know thy enemy.

Although I've separated them out into types groups can contain a mixture as such it's important to identify the make-up of any group and eliminate the immediate threats first.

[Update - Kicking and lot's of it was a valid tactic; and still can be to get an enemy to back off; however with the latest patch it now costs Stamina to use and thus not as easily spammable]


The most ubiquitous of enemies, but don't be fooled by the name Walkers can have a surprisingly turn of speed at times and occasionally even come armed.

Attack Patterns:
Walking towards the player until in range and swinging their arms. Jogging towards the player with an arm back to deliver an overhead swipe. Running towards the player with arms in the air intending to Grapple.
If a Walker remains on the floor and undetected they will grapple when a player draws too close. Armed Walkers will on occasion through their weapon at a player.

Kicking, kicking and more kicking. Kicks will interrupt any of their attacks and also cause them to stagger giving time to follow through with a heavier attack. Overhead attacks can be avoided by dodging or stepping back; flailing attacks by dodging. In both cases the Walker will pause after the attack has been played out allowing an easy hit.


These will be heard more often than before they are seen. Upon spotting a player from rest they will throw back their upper body and scream at the sky.

Attack Patterns:
Sprinting towards the player and knocking into them while flailing their arms.
Warning - Sprinters can often climb over walls and other low obstacles.

Timing. A swing of a melee weapon just as an Infected reaches a player will most often take their head clean off in one blow. Kicking will buy time, but Infected recover much faster than Walkers


Another that will often be heard before being seen these big Thugs will let out a roar that can be heard from quite a distance

Attack Patterns:
Thugs will slowly move towards the player and produce a mighty swing from either the left or right that can knock a player over in one blow. A faster move is a swipe from left hand, right hand then the left hand again. If both arms are removed a Thug will attempt a head butt.

Maintain distance. A Thug is most vulnerable when they roar though their roar is occasionally interrupted by an attack leaving them free to attack quickly in return. Dart in swipe and dart out or simply shoot them in the head. Kicks will only stagger them a little and they quickly recover.


Yet another type that announces their presence with an eerie "Help me".

Attack Patterns:
Just the one - Shuffle towards the player and explode when they get too close most often causing an instant death.

Shoot them at a distance or run past them if there's enough room to get clear. The blast from a Suicider will also injure other enemies so taking them out while in a group is beneficial.


How did they get so large and why are they in straitjackets? Rams will patrol around their patch making grunting noises.

Attack Patterns:
At a distance a Ram will walk towards a player if a clear path exists between a Ram and a player the Ram will let out a short roar and then charge. Connecting will cause the player to fall over. Close up a Ram will lash out with a foot that can also cause the player to fall over.

As firearms seem to have little effect; grenades are a distance alternative if they can be caught standing still. If a charging Ram hits an obstacle other than the player it will daze them for a short time leaving them open to a quick attack so standing in front of objects and dodging is a good tactic. Kicking has pretty much zero effect.


Found near or in bodies of water floaters are grey and obese. They lurk in silence and keep their distance.

Attack Patterns:
Floaters will shuffle towards a player until within projectile range at which point they'll  vomit a flammable blob at the player. Close up they will vomit in a 120 degree arc in front of them. Finally a Floater will take a swing at a player if close enough.

Take them out at a distance while dodging the vomit. Otherwise move in close and get behind them while they are arc vomiting and dodge back when they turn for a swing. If a Floater is down when approached running and kicking them will keep them that way to be picked off at leisure otherwise kicking has the same effect as it does on Thugs i.e very little. Floaters are the only type that do not take drowning damage.


These death mask creatures seem related to the Infected and will let out a quick screech upon detecting a player.

Attack Patterns:
Like Infected Butchers will sprint towards a player and barge into them while flailing though Butchers are armed [heh] with two sharp bone-sword instead of hands. However close to they will drop back to a Thug like heavier attack of left, right, left and right uppercut.

Just as with the Infected a well-timed swipe can cause massive damage to a sprinting Butcher; although not always causing instant death it can at least knock them down. When close dodge their Thug-like attack when they start their sequence and hit them from the rear. Kicking will stagger them but they recover very quickly.


A hidden Easter-Egg enemy complete with hockey mask.

Attack Patterns:
Sprint at players and hit them with a knife for massive damage.

Grenades at a distance. Constant dodging of the swinging weapon and use of Fury. Not to be treated lightly. A worthy candidate for use of the Chainsaw.


Sadly not all the population has decided to share, with some gangs taking over key installations and attacking any who come near.

Attack patterns:
Humans are always armed some with melee weapons the majority with firearms. Those armed with firearms will slowly advance on a player until taking cover and popping out to take shots. Those with melee weapons will charge at a player and constantly swing their weapon.

As they are often encountered in groups and in confined spaces grenades can save a lot of time. Otherwise pick them off at a distance or take cover and then sprint around to smack them down. Kicking has the same effect as on Walkers but they recover slightly faster.

next up weapons and what those modification symbols mean.