Monday, October 03, 2011

In the quest to make more money

Again while in Merry Hill I noticed a new set of packaging for the Blu-ray version of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The original packaged version I'd looked at with some distaste because it was the standard cinema edition a fact that could only be gleaned by studying the small print. This new version is the extended one and proclaims such on the front cover.

So they released two versions on DVD and two versions on Blu-ray; with the extended versions being released after the 'normal' versions.

Excellent way to milk those fans.

In the same vein I did see the new Star Wars box-sets too. Beyond adding lines to Vader I wonder how much more 'improving' Lucas has done to it. Next I'm sure we'll see a cheaper version supported by digitally added sponsorship (Anakin's pod racer with decals) before returning full circle to the Definitive Version which removes all the tinkering and tries to pretend that films I-III didn't happen. Though with Lucas' hand on the tiller I expect that would have to be a Commemorative Edition.