Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Political climate

I've mentally noted this before, but there seems to be an attitude amongst some politicians local and national whenever it comes to having to ask the great unwashed public their opinion on something and I'm not just talking about not trusting us to answer 'correctly'.

Yes I know some people hate my analogies/metaphors but tough ;-)

A prisoner has been sentenced to death and is asked how they'd like to be killed - death by stoning or death by oxen (being pulled apart by such). He picks stoning as he thinks it likely to be the quicker and less painful method.

As he's led to the stoning arena he passes what appears to be a hospital room with a single dentists type chair in the middle.

"What's that?" he asks of his guard
"It's the lethal injection room. You get given a dose of poison and just fall asleep and die" his guard replies
"That sounds much better than stoning can I die like that please?" begs the prisoner
"But you chose stoning" states the guard
"But I didn't know that this was an option" cries the prisoner
"That's your problem not mine" states the guard. "You should have asked; or at least researched all the available methods of death before picking one"