Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The joys of BT

DaBoss' mother has been getting lousy broadband service; it's not a wireless problem as they've physically plugged it in so at last BT are going to look at the exchange and give her a call today.

I get a phone call from DaBoss; the broadband is still functioning (barely) but the voicelines are dead - no dialtone and ringing in just results in it ringing out as if there's no problem. On it's own this is just a fault to be reported; except for that call which is expected from the exchange engineer.

Now if it's something they're doing at the exchange then it will resolve and they'll be able to call. If it's not they'll call and get no answer and probably file it as such. The logical thing to do therefore would be to contact the engineer and give them another number to use so that if it's not something they're doing at very least one of the faults can get sorted and then we can move on to the next one.

That's not possible. Now I could have the phone line diverted to the mobile; except that won't tell us if the faults fixed and to remove the diversion would require yet another phone call to BT and sitting in yet another queue.

What a mess.