Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mad People

You may spot an additional gadget on the left as somehow I've acquired Followers, plural which is kind of stunning. Oddly my dashboard shows three, but the official display shows two. I'm guessing that third awkward one is Tav heh.

Not sure how they found me or (being the modest chap I am) why they're following me, but welcome, welcome you mad, mad people ;-)


Orphi said...

Hell, I haven't updated my Zazzle gallery in several years now, and I still periodically get emails telling me “Your Fan Club is Growing!”

FlipC said...

A Fan Club, is that like a wooden stick with a propeller on it :-P

But hey people obviously like the fractals that you've put up there perhaps you should get back into it... oh how the mind connects things - how about taking one fractal and using it as a silhouette of people dancing, tie those two interest together? Might look quite good; if it sells a lot remember who gave you the idea ;-)

Orphi said...

All my fractals were produced with the ancient FractInt package, which no longer runs on my PC. (I could probably run it using Virtual Box though…) A better idea would be to build a propper fractal generator — one without all the limitations of FractInt. (E.g., with propper 24-bit colour support!)

Tav said...

Hey who are you calling awkward? :-)

Anyway, it can't be me because I just signed up as one of your mad people.

FlipC said...

Oo spooky I have a stalker :-P

@Orphi - nothing stopping you from using the existing images, take some photos from your dance classes, mask out the dancers and fill them with the fractal pattern.

Anyway what about ChaosPro the first result for fractal generator on Google and supposedly it's semi-FractInt compatible? Oh wait are you running a Windows OS I don't recall.

Orphi said...

If we're your “followers” does that make you our “leader”?

FlipC said...

Well if you want to take a collection up to buy me a snazzy gold chain or even a badge with "Leader" on it I won't object :-)

Oh and what did you think of the Fractal Dancers?

Orphi said...

You jest, but there are custom print shops who will in fact print you up a nice T-shirt or badge if that is your desire. ;-)

Hmm, looking at the list of photographs, it seems I'm the only one around here who isn't ancient.

(Not that there's anything wrong with being ancient. I mean… I should put the spade down now, right?)

FlipC said...

Hey haven't you followed the MPs expenses list? If I'm the Leader I'm not supposed to pay for these things that's what you Followers are for :-P

As for your photographs - well you'd only be using the outlines so you needn't have started digging that hole for yourself.