Thursday, February 18, 2010

Severn Trent Water The joy continues 4

So as mentioned we've got the account back open for the one that no-one asked to close and that no-one told us had been closed. As such STW have sent us through a massive statement detailing everything since we took over back in 2003.

I can't get it to agree with my figures; now near the end there was some weirdness but all the older stuff should be set in stone. I mean it's only pennies, but still.

So I dig out the original invoices and start comparing and... they're different. So for example the invoice reads as per the top line and the statement which is supposedly a copy of the invoice is the bottom line.

£5.36, £4.82, £3.68, £2.54

£5.42, £4.80, £3.72, £2.53

This is for something not even two years old that is supposed to be running on accounting software and it's different. Something wrong there.