Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Civil Enforcement Ltd

At the end of last month DaBoss had a letter through from Civil Enforcement Ltd about a car overstaying at a car-park. According to the letter the length of time was over 10 hours and very far away. This is interesting as the car in question hadn't left the district that day let alone the county.

But it had all the right details, registration, make, model, colour even the VIN number so they must have the right car mustn't they?

Well no because all they need is the registration number and the DVLA will happily dish out the rest to make it look like they'd noted it all down there and then (a practice they should stop). Ah but they have photographic evidence, was it the car in question? Don't know because said evidence wasn't included, if we wanted to see it we'd have to pay them £10.

Sorry you're accusing us of breach of contract and want us to pay to see the evidence? So if we do pay and a photo of a car that's clearly not the one in question do we get the money back? Yeah right it's a nice con, you don't have to send them money, but if you do you're entering into another contract with them - send us £10 we'll send you a photograph; the only way you could claim it back is if they failed to send what they'd promised.

Anyway it got rightly ignored and a second notice has just turned up. Amusingly although it's still got the vehicle details on it as well as the "Incident Date" it fails to state exactly where said incident was supposed to have taken place, you know in case you hadn't actually received the first notice.


Anonymous said...

This is a scam folks DON'T PAY! And don't worry about the final reminder you'll get or the threatening letters from the debt collection company either - simply ignore them all, they will eventually go away.

FlipC said...

In this instance we sent back a letter asking them to substantiate their claim given we knew it to be incorrect.

We've not heard from them since.