Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fractal Dancers

In a completely unrelated way I mentioned to Orphi in "Mad People" about combining his fractals with photos of dancers. Perhaps in an effort to persuade him and having five minutes to spare I knocked out the following in Photoshop Elements.

This uses a photo gleaned from the web along with Flame #1 from Orphi's Zazzle gallery. I quite like it.


Orphi said...

Hmm. It has a flavour.

I still have no idea how you managed to get an outline out of a colour photograph though. Last time I checked, that was computationally infeasible…

FlipC said...

I just used the selection brush tool in PSE6 on the photo to get a rough outline, switched to the black background and cut it out. Then used the eraser and the black paintbrush to add/remove around the edges; which is why it's a bit ragged.

After than I just slipped Flame#1 between the two layers and positioned and sized it so that it filled up to the edges.

5 minutes, do you want me to knock up a quick tutorial? I don't mind. I'll use Photoshop Elements but the principles are the same in any decent paint package.