Monday, February 15, 2010

The roadworks have started

Yup they've actually done as they said they would and have closed off the connection from Gilgal to Mitton Street, they actually did a good job - I drove through at the weekend and signs were up warning people, and this morning there was plenty of notice for traffic using the road.... ha yeah right as if.

No warnings and the sign telling you the road is closed is on the left-hand lane the one that a) everyone uses and b) Isn't closed.

[Update - Now I've been through it from the other direction. There's a sign on approach to the junction telling you the left-hand lane is closed in Mitton Street, so you turn to end up in the right-hand lane, but you can't because they've extended the block on the junction at an angle rather than as a straight line. That and the 10mph sign means everyone slowing down as they approach though thankfully not stopping dead.

So the entire left-hand lane is shut off and where are they working, right at the top near Lion Hill and what are they doing, they're digging up the same stuff that was put down during the Great Gilgal Closure of '09.]


Don B said...

And it's coned off all the way up to Lion Hill but they are only working outside The Steps. Maximum inconvenience minimum work activity.

At least the roadworks outside the old Stourport News/Shuttle Offices has been cleared away - well of sorts. All the barriers have been stacked up against the wall awaiting collection.

FlipC said...

Heh I've just updated the entry, when I came through they were up by the Hollybush and no-where else.

Yep I did notice that bit by the offices had gone this morning, still couldn't see where they'd been working. Probably be back next week.

Oh and just for fun no-one was using the right-hand lane of Vale Road just because it was blocked off at the car-park as someone was doing some work there - excellent.