Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mitton Street roadworks again

So the trip back last night wasn't fun there was a queue you don't expect when the schools are off, but on the other hand at least it was moving. As per usual the height of the island doesn't help with judging traffic add in all the extra cars doing a full circle around it when you couldn't tell if they were doing that or turning right and you get plenty of missed opportunities to get out. Of course so many weren't even indicating, but that's par of the course.

The angled cones at the junction still weren't of help, but oh gods what have they done now? Before you got into the right-hand lane and stuck to it until you got to the end when you split for Lion Hill and Vale Road; helpfully there was a set of cones with a blue arrow at the start and just to stop you thinking you could get back into the other lane another set of cones at the corner with another blue arrow - it was easy.

So of course they've changed it. Now you follow the arrow, and the car in front, into the right-hand lane then watch as the car moves back into the left lane (?) wonder why and cones! Yep they've decided to set up some cones in the right hand lane, just ya know without any warning. So you slalom down the road which slows everyone down. That may be the point, but it's a bit annoying to have force all the traffic down to 10mph in order to protect all the workers who aren't there.

Again this is what happens when you have one team to set up the cones and one team doing the work - all the cones need to go up regardless of whether work is actually being carried out at that point.

[Update - and now they've rightly bolloxed it up by keeping the lane closed, but allowing traffic from Gilgal back through - they haven't a clue have they?]