Friday, February 12, 2010

The roadworks are on, no wait

Those with a good memory may recall that there was supposed to be a 10mph speed limit placed on High Street and that the road from Gilgal to the OGL island was set to be closed all in the middle of January. I say supposed to be because nothing happened.

So in the interests of keeping everyone well-informed this week's Shuttle pops up with notice of a 10mph speed limit and a closure; just not those.

The limit is being placed from Crown Lane to Crossway Green (Mitre Oak) and the closure is on Gilgal and Mitton Street or to be precise from the junction of the two southerly for 19m so no direct link between the two meaning all traffic diverting around the island which for some reason they've labelled Hartlebury Road, no it's all Worcester Road. But this is great, I speculated on what would happen to the flow of traffic if the link was severed and here's the perfect opportunity to find out; though knowing that I want to see this in action it'll probably only be shut for 2 hours..

Anyway the big amusement is the reason and date for the closure - is it road alterations, pedestrian works, re-surfacing? Nope it's "to rectify defects from previous works" that's nice perhaps you could tell us exactly whose defects those were? When is it starting? Monday. So that's non-emergency work with 4 days notice, neat.