Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some bad news

A call last night; Devil Child, The Artist's older daughter, is in hospital with pneumonia. Antibiotics knock down the fever, but so far when they stop them it returns.

The Artist is staying with her, but his wife can't because of the new addition; don't want to keep a new-born child hanging around a hospital. Again a disadvantage shared by the other side of the family when they decide to move so far away there's no ready-made baby-sitters.

Being the pattern seeking creatures that we are first thoughts have turned to the Tamiflu shot she had a couple of weeks ago when it was decided to inoculate the under fives. Personally I doubt it if as the antibiotics are working that suggests it's a bacterial infection rather than a viral. Then again a viral strain can lower defences against a bacterial one so... no I don't know.

Anyway looks like they've caught it early so here's hoping for the best.