Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Your First Million

Over the weekend I ended up reading the Express (yes he's still buying it) and came across a two-page spread on high-fliers first million pounds. In these times of economic hardship every tip helps so I read with interest their biographies.

The first was a hairdresser who owned a string of salons. He expanded his father's business.

Next someone selling produce who started off with a little farm shop at her parents farm; said parents having retired and decided to go self-sufficient.

One of the founders of a opticians who followed her father into the business after he was fast-tracked for optician training after the war due to a lack of qualified personnel.

A computer consultant who got a head-start on computers when his parents persuaded the council to give him a laptop after he was diagnosed dyslexic.

A trader, who picked up electronic gadgets in Japan while accompanying his father on trips and sold them on to his friends parents.

The gentleman who was inspired by a seminar on how to make money and took on the franchise to sell those very same tapes in the UK.

Okay no doubt about it they worked to get where they are, but I find it difficult to have any empathy with them; my parents neither owned their own business, went on far-flung trips or had enough money to retire early. As I've said before all these 'tips' and 'advice' does is remind me that I require access to a time-machine and pocket IVF equipment.

Except of course for the last entrant. All he reminded me was that just like the serialised 'Beat the Credit Crunch' books that are coming out the first tip should be - Write a 'Beat the Credit Crunch' book.