Friday, April 24, 2009

Gosh you want to take my picture.

Am I the only one getting fed-up about our lords and masters being photographed with briefing documents clearly visible. Secret or otherwise what is the matter with them? Do they have some sort of weird blindspot in their brains that means they still get shocked whenever a photographer starts snapping pictures of them? Are they in a time-warp and thinking that at that range they'll never get anything legible?

Or are they just not thinking?

Okay we all make mistakes and if you've been reading the papers in the chauffeured car ferrying you to a meeting you might just get up and out without thinking. But damnit they should be thinking. You're getting close to your destination it should be second-nature to put the papers back in the folders from which they came before you get out. This should be drilled into every single official regardless of situation.

I mean for crying out loud you've got a phalanx of photographers waiting outside what do you think they are there for?

You might think I'm being harsh, but this is simply the same attitude that sees memory sticks and laptops (laptops!) being left on trains and buses with our personal data on it.

Shape up or ship out.


Orphi said...

My sister left her laptop at our house. My mum had to drive over there in the middle of the night to give it back! :-D

OTOH, my sister isn't on £300,000 per annum…

FlipC said...

But there's also an emotional difference between leaving something at 'home' and leaving something on a train; or at least there should be.

I've left stuff behind at relatives and friends houses because I felt comfortable there and had no concern for my possessions.

Orphi said...

That's a good point…

I must say, I kinda like how Vista requires a password to log in. (Not, of course, that this is going to stop anybody with any kind of skill. It just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.)

Obligatory XKCD reference.

FlipC said...

And then you'd discover the password was... password.

At least Vista disables the Admin login by default, unlike XP which also allows a blank password i.e. none at all.

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