Thursday, April 16, 2009


Sousveillance - remember that word it might be the only thing that provides any form of justice in the UK today.

The word was coined by Steve Mann as an inverse of surveillance switching from being watched from above to being watched by below; in other words instead of the officials watching us we watch them.

So why so important, where have you been?

The police deny any contact with Ian Tomlinson until sousveillance footage is released.

The head of the IPCC states that there was no CCTV cameras were in the area until sousveillance in the form of photographs of CCTV cameras is produced.

Now we have yet another investigation into a women being backhanded and baton hit as shown in footage taken by yet more sousveillists. No doubt we'll also be told no CCTV cameras exist around the incident until sousveillance proves it wrong.

Perhaps we should all start wearing one of these from now on.