Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu

So with the potential cases in Scotland of Swine Flu the government is set to deliver a leaflet to every household in the UK informing them about symptoms and what to do. And this is going to cost us how much?

Here's a thought issue a press release to the media who will slavishly reprint it, as they will the leaflet anyway. Anyone who doesn't receive the information is this form is unlikely to bother reading the leaflet anyway.

Oh of course silly me the media tends towards English and the leaflets no doubt will also be available in 20 different languages.

[Update 30/4 - Oh yay now we're getting an advert of behalf of UK tissue manufacturers called Catch it, Bin it, Kill it... hold on a second these were created in November last year for the cold and flu season and the campaign itself started in 2007. Wow they really did a good job on informing the public if it's taken just over a year to get a TV ad done.

Also am I the only one who in these uncertain economic times thinks that this catchphrase would also apply to many contemplating food preparation?]


Orphi said...

Yeah, so apparently there's this new disease that has killed over a hundred people already. What will we do?

Well, you know what? There's this other disease that kills several million people per yeah. It's called AIDS. And it's spread round the entire world. Concerned, much?

Just trying to bring a little perspective here. :-)

Oh, and by the way… am I the only person who thinks that if you live in a particular country, you ought to be able to speak the local langauge?

(Of course, the problem with letting the media distribute information is… well, they might change it.)

FlipC said...

Pfft you can't push an economic crisis of the front-pages with AIDS that is just so 80s. Millions dead yawn yeah we know, hardly news is it.

Most telling point about how deadly serious our government is about this is that on a plane coming in from CancĂșn all the passengers were mentally prepared to be screened on arrival and were just waved through as normal. Oh yeah that's the best way to stop it spreading.

I joked with someone that it's all a cunning plan to actually spread it about the UK so the government can use those extra powers it granted itself and has been itching to try out ever since.

Well I say "joked" you never know.

Orphi said...

“Ha ha, only serious.”