Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Waters Edge signs

There have been a few directional signs for the lichfield development Water's Edge within Stourport, however I'm intrigued by two thoughts - firstly who's responsible for their erection and maintenance and secondly why are they where they are?

A Google around gives me no help with the first question, except a brief suggestion that they're private signs so I'll continue with the second.

The purpose of directional signs is an obvious one that is to direct people to the place they want to be, however that doesn't mean putting one every 100 yards or at every junction. If at a junction the default action is to travel in the direction that the sign would be pointing to then you don't need a sign indicating this. So signs on islands, signs on T-junctions no problem.

So why is there a sign on Dunley Road as you head onto the bridge into town pointing directly ahead? Why is this sign on the wrong side of the road? Better yet why does this sign obscure each of the lamps of the left-hand pedestrian crossing signal in turn as you approach it from the bridge?

Has anyone tried to try to turn down Harold Davies Drive to get to Water's Edge and thus required a nudge in the right direction? Is some driver going to be teleported onto this cul-de-sac and require directions once they hit the main road (in which case the sign should be opposite the road)? Why is the sign there? If you're following the main road then you continue to follow the main road what's so difficult about that?


Tav said...

Are they the yellow signs (known as 'AA signs')? If they are permission has be granted from the Local Highway Authority which in our case is Worcestershire County Council. See Housing Development Signage.

FlipC said...

Oh yeah it's a private sign; I can't find any guidelines on our own council's site, but those on others suggest they should be placed only when required, which this clearly isn't.

Ah well I've used the Whub defect report to complain as they do have a "Sign" option type available for selection though I suspect it's more for damaged ones, but hey I'll see what how they answer it ;-)