Monday, August 11, 2008


One of the news reports they did cover on the BBC was with regard to littering, although less of a news report and more a promo for tonight's Panarama programme. The snippet showed someone being given a fixed penalty notice for dropping a cigarette butt. Bill Bryson who is hosting the programme was on the coach talking about it all, bins need to be emptied if they get full, more need to placed in areas, and most importantly enforcement needs to be standardised.

Driving into work this morning and the female driver of the silver VW Beetle registration FON flicks a cigarette out the window. Here's the deal - if your car has an ashtray use it, if it doesn't don't smoke. 'Oh but I don't want my car to smell of stale ash and I must have a fag' bloody whiners fine the lot of them.