Wednesday, August 06, 2008

All is quiet

Nothing much has been going on - it's silly season in national news and locally nothing much has been going on. We had a travelling road-block in Worcester Road with them doing something with the lampposts, but they didn't take advantage to fill in the hole on the Stour bridge, likewise the tearing on the other side is becoming the more pronounced gouges and the gouges in York Street are becoming holes.

The work at Buftons seems to have stopped for the moment leaving us with nice solid looking wooden window frames with the plaster board behind them and acting as the door.

All the rain still hasn't cleaned the icing sugar pavements and they're just as dull as they were about a week after they went down. It also highlights that they just went over the top of the existing tarmac with puddles forming in exactly the same places; the paving though seems to be a good job so far.

The lane markings in Bridge Street still mean all those heading from the bridge are overtaking close to a junction and we still haven't any lane markings at all in York Street though as I've mentioned before that may be as doing the work would highlight the problem with the additional parking bays at the entrance.

Despite the traffic wardens we're still getting the constant parking down the right side of York Street and delivery vans pulled up on the pavements both there, High Street, and Bridge Street (although that may or may not be illegal see 244). In the same fashion could someone at least move on the vehicles parking opposite the bus stop in York Street? Though again this is a DO NOT rather then the illegal MUST NOT (243) it does impede traffic flow when buses use the stop and besides it is a) on a "At any time" single yellow line (why aren't they double then?) and b) next to a pelican crossing as well. If they're loading/unloading they're taking their sweet time about it.

On a personal note I'm getting annoyed with the Shell garage who seem to have their deliveries scheduled for about 8:30 in the morning thus closing down the station during the morning rush hour one day a week - braindead decision.

On unrelated notes I've been enjoying Overlord on the PS3 though I agree with the majority of reviews that the control system needs some work, and I've been confused by the advert that starts of Childline/NSPCC and winds up shilling Persil what the hell is that all about?


Anonymous said...

WRT the Shell deliveries you could drop a line to your local busybodies so that next time they ask for a variation of planning you can get the Council to add a condition restricting delivery times to off-peak periods. The same has been done here against a bar whose delivery lorries illegally park across a contraflow cycle lane (thus making the road impassable in that direction), and against a miniature Tesco. Both parties completely ignore the conditions anyway, but it's worth a try.

Oh wait, I forgot: *you*'re your local busybody. Just write it down before you forget then :-)

FlipC said...

Won't work they're not parking in the street they're parking across their own entrance on their own ground shutting off the station that way. To be honest it's a moot point this is the area that has permission for a bunch of monitored flats, whether anything eventually happens on that is another question.

Sounds like you need some traffic wardens though. Have you snapped them in flagrante delicto and sent them to the enforcers? Hey you could become *your* local busybody :-)

Anonymous said...

I haven't, but people have. The Cycling Campaign even had a stake-out of Tesco to establish that the number of deliveries they had was three times the number quoted in the original planning application. Complaints we're made to the Council, but I hear they've just given the go-ahead for another one elsewhere in town, so it obviously didn't make much of an impact. I've heard about people complaining to bobbies on the beat about lorries outside the bar, to be told "What do you expect us to do about it?"
That said, the previous owner nearly had his license withdrawn over the lorries, so there's hope yet.

FlipC said...

Rings bells I think you've mentioned it elsewhere. As for the police response perhaps the reply should be "Arrest the council for not upholding the law"? Dammit we still need a mechanism in place to oust council members before the end of their term.