Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gilgal electric work? 2

So I beat the Shuttle by 7 minutes in getting the story about Gilgal opening hah take that old-style media :-P

On a less childish note I see they mention STW as getting the works finished early due to "the road closure allowed all agencies to work at the same time" and mentioned said works. Now as I stated I just read that as blah, but after that took a closer look at the letter and indeed that's what they said.

Shuttle: "The work has included Severn Trent renewing a water main, Central Networks replacing underground electricity supplies and Worcestershire County Council improving street lighting"

Letter: "renewed the water main, replaced underground electricity supplies and improved the street lighting"

However as I've mentioned a reliable source whispers to me that no electrical work was done in Gilgal. Now silly old me if no electrical work was done wouldn't that affect the completion time for the better?

More importantly if no work was carried out, are we likely to see the road dug up again to do so?


Don B said...

What about the possibility that the ducting for Central Networks was already in but they needed to occupy the centre of the roadway to feed cable from a drum in to the ducts in the middle of the road and a winch at the other end to pull it through? !!!

FlipC said...

Let's just say my little birdie is in a position to know exactly what was done (or wasn't) and no electrical work was even put on the books.