Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed PS3 reprise

I did a review back in 08 and returned a verdict of 'fun but flawed'. But now with the update and trophies is it any better?
Short-answer - no. It still freezes up, but some of the disappearing/reappearing topography has been fixed. The AI is still atrocious, the camera and autolock-on still suck and worst of all the animations still prevent you doing anything.

I finally got the training rooms to work after giving the disc a good scrub (visibly it looked fine so go figure) and worked my way up to the AT-ST combat challenge. Of course it's not just an AT-ST in a small room, (think the elevator scene from Batman I've already mentioned) it's an AT-ST and stormtroopers, and jet-packed stormtroopers and flame-throwing storm-troopers.

I jump out the way as soon as I gain control, get smacked down by one of the jet-packed 's energy blast which knocks me to the floor and starts my get-up animation. At which point the AT-ST opens fire with a gatling laser. This slows down the animation as I take damage and I'm dead before I can even get up.

Excuse me - force powers, shouldn't I back-flip back to my feet ready to move? Nope instead it looks like I need a hand or a cane as I stagger upright.

Also excellent fun with the shocktroopers who have bolts that ricochet of the walls. Yep death from behind.

Had fun with the Sith Flurry (Light Saber Flourish) challenge which isn't helped with the tutorial that doesn't inform you when you're doing it right. Swing wildly and eventually it'll congratulate you on passing "Wait what did I do?".

If it weren't for the trophies I wouldn't bother.