Friday, October 30, 2009

Mitton Street closure update 2

Just a quicky, but I've had to double check that they meant this weekend, because there are still no signs up at all. Okay it's two consecutive weekends and the second one they mention is dated with 6/7 November; I think it's therefore safe to assume they do indeed mean this weekend. Oh dear. I think a phone-call is in order.

One call to 0845 607 2005
"I believe that Mitton Street in Stourport is going to be closed for this weekend and the next"
"Yes we've had to change bus timetables etc. with the closure"
"Hmm I was just wondering if you think it might be an idea to put some signs up telling people that it's going to be closed?"
"You mean they haven't?"
"Unless they've put some up further out, but locally not that I could see"
"Yes that would be an idea wouldn't it"
"Indeed as anyone getting close to Gilgal would need to head back through Kidderminster or Holt Fleet"
"Which would be a nightmare"

One query raised. Gotta love 'em.


fedupwithit said...

MY husband has just come back from driving into Stourport, well almost, because he could not get there, again. Ehen he asked what they were doing, the reply was'we aren't starting until Monday but we thought we would let the public get used to the idea' WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!!!! Obviously, tat the public are a load of idiots. All these stappages are costing the public, and the businesses in Stourport a fortune. Is it possible for someone in the Council to have some commonsense and organize this better for everyone concerned.


FlipC said...

Woah there! According to their own official information this is two over-the-weekend closures. It's going to open at 6am on Monday; if they're stating they're not starting until Monday there's a problem.