Thursday, October 22, 2009

Batman on Hard attempt 2

After multiple deaths and restarts, with shifting tactics and one attempt that had me beat the Titan with a sliver of health left only to be taken out by a remaining goon I finally got through the elevator section fight in Batman.

Sure I still only had a sliver of health left after taking out the Titan, but I still managed the four remaining goons without a taking a hit. The removal of the last enemy triggers the experience count and boosted my fully armoured health nearly back to the top.

A trawl through the 'net suggested that I need not have done all this, I could have entered the elevator shaft the Titan had come down, pulled down a wall with my enhanced BatClaw and grappled up to ultimately drop the elevator on their heads. This may well be the case on Easy or possibly Medium difficulty, but on Hard you couldn't target the wall to pull it down so fight you must.

So tips and tricks to remember in the future-

Evade. If you time it right you can even evade the Titan's flailing and ground punches.

If there are few enemies stay clear of the Titan. If you're not careful your attacks will try to hit him, with little effect and will screw-up your evasions leaving you open to attack by him. Back off draw the goons with you and evade or pummel them until the Titan charges or throws something at you. This has the same affect as...

If there are many enemies stay close to the Titan. You're more likely to hit a goon than the Titan and amusingly the Titan will knock down or out a lot of the goons for you.

Once the goons are out or down back off and wait for the charge, distract him with a batarang and pummel; repeat until he goes down then ride his back and take out the fresh set of goons that have entered play.

If you get a clear shot at the charging Titan take it then evade, if not just evade.

A Titan that hits an electrical barrier takes more damage than one that hits a wall, if you have the breathing space position yourself accordingly.

Likewise you can lure the Titan into the elevator shaft, provided no direct line of sight is kept this gives some small breathing room as the Titan walks out.

If the Titan starts walking towards you - move!

Unless there are very few goons and the Titan is blinded avoid R2+Triangle takedowns as they take too long to perform.

Most important to remember - once you've taken out the Titan you've still got any remaining goons to clear up. One the takedown sequence ends you become vulnerable so evade as soon as possible to gain space.

To give yourself an edge spray some explosive gel at the elevator doors prior to the emergence of the Titan, if you get in trouble back off and detonate them.

On some of the failed attempts I hit combos of 20+ with mixed skills on my success I managed only 14 with no specials used. Don't go for flash just stay alive.

Now I'm up to Poison Ivy's boss fight and it says something that I'm looking forward to this more than I was with the elevator challenge.


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